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"Bold Journal” is a Lifestyle Magazine for fathers living in this era, and is a premium media brand that captures the significant value of life in a modern tone.

Premium Online Media –– as a Contents Platform

'Bold Journal’ is a printed media but at the same time, it aims to reach the audience through premium online media ( This site is a content platform for fathers to acquire 'bold' lifestyle related contents. It also provides online contents which consists of articles and videos that match the new media environment.

Printed Journal –– as a Luxury Product

'Bold Journal’ contains useful insight and in-depth information of life, it is a high quality magazine with detailed design. 'Bold Journal’ is designed and printed in Seoul, South Korea, it provides a better experience as a print medium through a variety of attempts in every issue.


We create and distribute native advertisement using Bold Journal's format. We believe that decent contents targeted towards a specific audience, is much more effecient than a mechanical widespread approach in media advertisement. Bold Journal's articles and video contents carry a unique identity and have a specific audience.

Let us help you in creating valuable contents for your brand and customers.
‘Your Brand is Bold!’

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Bold Journal is a media platform made to help fathers in the modern age. We have a support program for people who agree with our beleifs and effort. Your support will help us provide better articles and contents.

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Bold Journal archives articles that will help fathers. If you know of anyone or anything that would make a good article, please contact us.

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